Electronic Piggy Bank ATM Password Money Box

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Our 2 in 1 electronic piggy bank ATM password money box provides our customers with a unique way of keeping money along with an aspect of home decor.Provides kids with a new way to keep property as well as enhancing a saving culture in a fun interactive way.


Electronic Piggy Bank ATM Password Money Box Features:

  • 2 in 1 function: money saving box and password safe box. A unique bank that will not only help your kids save money, but also provide lots of fun!
  • Two sound switchable: beeps sound and voice prompt.
  • Automatic Rolling Banknote: Put your paper money into the roll slot, and it will automatically roll the money into the box.
  • There is also a coin slot the top of the box that provided to save all kinds of coins.
  • There is warning sound when the door is opened for a long time and it will lock automatically when closed.
  • Environmental Protection Material: Made of durable ABS and electronic components, powered by 3*AAA battery (not included).
  • Large Capacity:large space not only can save money, but also can save some secret small things or toy.
  • Available in blue,pink & Black

Package Details:

1*Money saving box
1*Screw driver
1*English  user manual
1*Package box


Roll Slot Width: 8.6cm/ 3.4"
Coin Slot Width: 3.8cm / 1.5"
Capacity: Approx. 1.2L
Inside Size: 8.5*12*11.5cm / 3.3*4.7*4.5" (L*W*H)
Size: 13.2*13.8*19.2cm / 5.2*5.4*7.5" (L*W*H)
Net Weight: 0.56kg / 20oz

    How To Use:

     Enter the four-digit passwords (default 0000), the green lights on, then rotate the knob clockwise to open the door. If you enter the wrong passwords, the red light will be illuminated.

    How To Change Password:

     Enter the default password 0000, open the box and hold * key input for the password you want to change by # end (in 15s). If you forget your password, you can take off the battery, after 10min you can restore the factory default password 0000.

    Note To Our Customers:

    1. When switch to voice prompt, please enter the next password number after the voice prompt, otherwise the saving box cannot recognize the entering number.
    2. If the machine cannot roll the money, open the door, upend the machine, fine the small white gear, then use a screw driver to stir it for several rounds.